Gearing Up for Our Second Event!

Red, yellow, purple, and black swirly background. Text: Our second event is coming! Please join us for #MoodPitch on Thursday, November 3, 2022

How is it fall already?! Our second-ever #MoodPitch event is coming up FAST and we’re so excited to get it underway! The invitation emails have gone out to agents and publishers and we’re excited to update our list of participants so you can get an idea of who will be perusing your pitches. Please bear with us as we keep adding to it. The list is not exclusive; there are always agents that don’t confirm participation either for personal preference or because we don’t have their email address for various reasons. So you just never know who might see your pitches!

Please review our guidelines so you know what to expect from the event. We have FAQs, success stories, and resources available to help you with your pitches and moodboards. Please review these tabs at the top of the page and if you still have questions, reach out on our contact form or on our Twitter page @moodpitchers.

The countdown is ON!

Ok, fine, let’s be honest… the countdown has been on since April 8th LOL.

Stay tuned for more details coming about the #PreMoodPitch activities we’ll be hosting on Twitter over the six days leading up to the big day!


Your MoodPitchers Team

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Author of domestic thrillers and gothic horror.

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