April 2023 Line-up of Events

We are excited to announce our line-up of #PreMoodPitch activities! If you haven’t participated in #MoodPitch before, this is a period of six days leading up to the event where we provide fun activities to help participants gear up for the big day. Get your pitches and moodboards in tip-top shape, meet some cool writer friends, and get pumped up for pitch day!

White background with swirly, blurry splotches of red, purple, yellow, and black around the edges. Black Text: April 2023 #PreMoodPitch Schedule of Events: Fri, Mar 31: Moodboard/Pitch Practise/Feedback. Sat, Apr 1: Character Interview Questions. Sun, Apr 2: 9pm ET Query Trivia & Query Critique Giveaway. Mon, Apr 3: 10-pg Positivity Pass Giveaway. Tues, Apr 4: Successful Pitches Spotlight (see what works!). Wed, Apr 5: 9pm #PromptsandComps/#PreMoodPitch Chat. Thurs, Apr 6: THE BIG DAY! @moodpitchers

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @moodpitchers. On each activity day, we’ll post a graphic outlining how to participate. Use the #PreMoodPitch hashtag where appropriate (instead of the #MoodPitch hashtag) and be sure to also use ALT text when adding a moodboard or GIF! 😊

Feel free to reach out with any questions via our contact form here.

Published by kathleenfoxx

Author of domestic thrillers and gothic horror.

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