Welcome to #MoodPitch! We created this Twitter pitch event because we, like so many other writers, LOVE moodboards to go along with our WIP (works-in-progress). We love looking at them, we love making them, and we love using them to maintain the excitement while drafting our projects. And we know so many of you do, too! But there’s a lack of pitch events on Twitter that allow the use of moodboards. So we wanted to create something that allows for these beauties to be showcased.

Enter #MoodPitch!

Moodboards are a creative way to visually set the mood/tone of your WIP. There are several ways to create them, but we suggest starting with Canva as they offer templates, free images, and a plethora of other cool tools and elements.

Meet your hosts:

Kathleen Foxx writes domestic/psychological thrillers, gothic thrillers, action/adventure, romcoms, and has several flash fiction pieces published in various literary magazines. She’s heavily involved in the writing community and posts daily writing questions & prompts & nuggets of info under #kfoxxdaily. She’s also the host of the #badasswriters podcast and the audio editor for The Shit No One Tells You About Writing podcast. Additionally, Kathleen is a freelance fiction editor (@FoxxEditorial), offering a variety of editing services for full manuscripts as well as critiques for query letters and synopses. Recently, she became the contract proofreader for Rising Action Publishing Collective, an amazing Canadian independent publisher. Kathleen is the International Rep on the Board of Directors for Crime Writers of Canada and the Primary Co-chair, Board of Directors for the Hamilton-Halton branch of Editors Canada.

When not writing, Kathleen enjoys reading, cooking, photography, and the beautiful Ontario outdoors (especially in summer). She’s a proud mom of five kids.

You can follow her on Twitter @kfoxx_writes, Instagram @kathleenfoxxwrites, or her website at www.kathleenfoxx.com. You can listen to the #badasswriters podcast here, follow on Twitter @_badasswriters, and on Instagram @badasswriters_podcast.

Headshot of Jaimie Hunter, a caucasian woman with shoulder-length, deep brown hair and green eyes. She is wearing a black turtleneck knit shirt.

Jaimie Hunter is “not that kind of doctor,” specializing in public health rather than medicine. She earned a PhD in public health in 2015. Writing was an early passion, and now she pens thriller/suspense, romance, and contemporary fantasy novels. To-date, she is published in non-fiction and academia, but she can’t wait to add a novel to her resume.

When not writing (ha!), Jaimie can be found hanging out with her golden retriever, enjoying the company of friends, or working. You can find her on Twitter at @jaimiehunter or Facebook at @drjaimiehunter. Her web address is http://jaimiewrites.com.

Head shot of Lula Lockwood, a Brown woman with curly brown hair wearing a navy blue neck brace with a bookshelf background.

Lula is a recovering PhD and a sci-fi nerd who writes speculative horror and sci-fi with romantic elements. She lives in the gorgeously soggy Pacific Northwest where she hate-watches every season of The Bachelor/ette, dreams of living in a tiny home, and attempts to channel her hyper-speed ADHD brain into a productive writing career.

She can be found on Twitter @lulalockwood.

Our goal is to fill Twitter with your beautiful images for a day, which represent the mood/tone of your completed, polished, ready-to-query manuscript. And, more importantly, connect you with participating literary agents and acqusitions editors who are interested in seeing more of your work!