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We wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the wonderful things that people had to say after participating in our inaugural event on April 7/22. The sense of community that we see during pitch events warms our hearts and we are so fortunate to be a part of that.

But before we get to testimonials, we want to offer our sincere CONGRATULATIONS to Lucy Chalice and Anne Perry at Ki Agency! This is our first official success story where a writer has found her agent through participating in #MoodPitch! We couldn’t be happier for you, Lucy, and wish you much success on your publishing journey!

We now have a total of ELEVEN author-agent/publisher success stories after our first two events! Joining Lucy on the list is Lizy Simonen with Lina Langlee at North Lit Agency; both Kyle Anthony and Eva Langston with Alexandra Lake at Janklow Nesbit; Summer Feaker with Sydney Queen DeTellis at WordLinkInc; Rae Knowles, who not only got pitch attention which led to her book, The Stradivarius (May 2023), getting a deal with Brigids Gate Press, but it led to a multi-book deal; Shayla Rice Dugan with Tess Jones at Egret Lake Books, Sabrina Shah with Regina Bernard Carrerro at Ladderbird Lit, Jessica Foster with Michael Dolan at Winding Road Stories, Morgan Forte with Jonathan Rosen at The Seymour Agency, and Antoinette Sluytman with Julie Crisp at Julie Crisp Literary Agency.

Screenshot of Twitter thread: Lit Agent Anne Perry: Yes, it's true - we've signed the wonderful @LucyChalice! If you loved The Love Hypothesis and The Kiss Quotient then keep an eye on Lucy - she's got something brewing that you won't want to miss. (Gif of a plush toy with hearts around it). I found Lucy during the #MoodPitch event last month - I liked her pitch on a Thursday, called the full MS in on Friday, finished it on Saturday, and offered her representation on Monday. It's true in love and books: when you know... you know!

Screen shot of a tweet: Lizy Simonen (@LizySinonen) I've hinted at big news and here it is: after an incredible querying journey, I have signed with agent @LinaLanglee of @northlitagency! My Finnish mythology-inspired Arcane Engine is very safe in Lina's capable (and Swedish!) hands. Photo: A smiling light-skinned woman holding her hand to her chin, looking to the left. She has long, straight brown hair with bangs, and is wearing a purple shirt. Many old-looking brown books are on a shelf behind her. Second thread: There's a lot of conversation right now about the future of pitching events, and I don't know what the best answer is for everyone, but I must thank @moodpitchers for putting together a really fun and engaging event that introduced me to Lina and tons of talented authors!

Screen shot of a tweet: Kyle Anthony (@AuthorKAnthony) Happy to announce that I am now represented by @Alexandra_Lake of @JankowNesbit. Shoutout to @moodpitchers for helping make it happen, and thanks to everyone who shared my pitches in various events over the past three years. Time to celebrate. Image: a collage of 8 dark images: Top left: a dark hallway leading to a wooden door with a sconce shining down. Top Middle: A person wearing a dress and holding an axe at twilight in a field. Top Right: a close-up of the flip-out part of a video camera. Middle left: a dark kitchen with some open cupboards. Middle right: a house in the night with the lights shining through the windows. Bottom left: a fire in a fireplace. Bottom middle: a rectangular grave dug in grass with a shovel in the grave. Bottom right: a computer work station.

Screenshot of a tweet: Eva Langston (@Eva_langston) I might never have queried @Alexandra_Lake (who is now my agent!) without #MoodPitch. So a big thanks to @moodpitchers! My belief: pitch events are a great way to meet other writers. You shouldn't pin all (or ANY) of your hopes on them, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try! Image: a collage of 5 images. Top left: a person's head and hand behind a foggy glass shower door with red text: when we all fall asleep, where do we go? Top right: a group of 4 people standing in a circle at night with their hands raised, standing around a fire, with a circle of small candles around them all. Bottom left: an empy medical (or similar) facility hallway. Bottom right: Images of the phases of the moon. Middle, overlapping all other images: A light-skinned woman with shoulder-length brown hair, eyes closed, laying on a bed of small white flowers and greenery.

A screenshot from Summer Freaker: ✨BIG NEWS✨ Excited to announce I am now represented by @queendetellis at @WordLinkInc. I was extremely impressed with Sydney's vision for my 1950s psych thriller/horror, full of ghosts and small town gossip ♥ Shout out to @moodpitchers--the pitching even that connected us! An image of her moodboard follows, depicting several spooky images I beige and darker tones; wilting red roses, a crow in a tree, a ghostly image of lighting in a dark sky, an empty, wet road with trees on either side, a pile of human skulls, a bridal couple in a big room, old English rowhomes in the countryside, an old abandoned house with tall trees surrounding it, and an open book with handwritten pages and dried flowers.

Screen shot of a tweet from Sabrina Shah: It is with utter elation I get to announce ✨I HAVE AN AGENT! I am thrilled to sign w/ Regina Bernard Carreno @tinkerwithwords at @ladderbirdlit. Her faith in my voice & portfolio is deeply humbling and I can't wait to start the next chapter of MY story with her. #WritingCommunity. An image of a smiling Sabrina (a light-skinned woman with medium-length black or dark-brown hair, wearing a dark blue shirt and sitting at a desk, signing a contract).
A screenshot of a tweet from Morgan Forte: If you're not already, make sure you're prepping your pitches and your book for #MoodPitch @moodpitchers! My first offer came from a MoodPitch like. ♥️ #WritingCommunity #AmQuerying
Screen shot from Morgan Forte's Twitter: I HAVE AN AGENT?! 🐋🏔️💕 So excited to announce that I have signed with @jrosenlitagent at @seymouragency! I can't think of a better person to champion SONG OF CHEVEYO. I cannot wait to take you all to Gran's cabin (and make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe make you angry) 🤭
A screenshot from ShaylaWrites: Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that I have just signed a publishing contract with Tess Jones (@tjoneswrites) at Egret Lake Books ( for my debut novel Learning to Swim! Special shout out to the @moodpitchers & their Nov event. Stay tuned!
Screenshot from Jessica K. Foste3r: Ecstatic doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this day. I can't wait to share Andy's story of sarcasm and heart with the world, and I am beyond excited to work with @WRDStories to make this book a reality! #WritingCommunity #YA #PublishersMarketplace. A screenshot follows from Winding Road Stories showing her deal announcement on Publishers Marketplace.

Success comes in all different shapes and sizes. Since building a community is such a huge goal for us, we consider it a success when so many writers come together, share their love for their projects, and support and lift each other up. THIS is what the #WritingCommunity is all about. Pitch events are not only about getting agents and publishers. Yes, of course, that’s what we all ultimately would like. But not getting a like from an agent or acquisitions editor doesn’t mean your project isn’t fabulous. So let’s take a moment to recognize some of the wonderful comments that flooded our feed after a day full of gorgeous moodboards and compelling pitches!

Do you have a success story? Did you make new writer friends or get agent/publisher likes? Did participating eventually lead to an offer of representation or a book deal? Let us know so we can share your story!

We look forward to continued success with future events! And THANK YOU for your participation, whether you’re a writer, agent, or publisher! We couldn’t do this without you!

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