Upcoming #PreMoodPitch Schedule of Events

We are excited to bring you some fun activities in the days leading up the the main event to help get you pumped and ready! Take a look at the schedule below and feel free to reach out with any questions. For the activities, please use the hashtag #PreMoodPitch instead of #MoodPitch so we don’t clog up the #MoodPitch feed.

April 1 – #PreMoodPitch Twitter chat will run begin at 9pm ET. This involves some questions to help you craft your pitches and will give you a chance to ask us about #MoodPitch or Twitter pitch events in general. The chat goes all night to accommodate various time zones around the globe.

April 2 – Moodboard + pitch practise and feedback. Not sure if your moodboard or pitch needs tweaking? Share it for some practise and use the #FB if you’d like feedback/a critique. Anyone can offer feedback, and if you do, please make it positive and constructive. Rude comments will be hidden from view. We are here to curate a positive, encouraging, and helpful environment for pitch participants.

April 3 – Do you have a famous movie star you’ve “casted” as your MC? Do you have a sketch? Share your MC with us and describe the stakes they’re up against.

April 4 – Query Package Trivia Night! At 9pm ET, get ready for a handful of trivia questions. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. Participants who answer all 5 questions before 9:59pm ET on April 4/22 will be entered for a chance to win a query letter critique from Kathleen @FoxxEditorial!

April 5 – Share a GIF that best represents your manuscript.

April 6 – Interview time! There will be 10 interview questions posted in the thread. Answer a few, or answer them all – but through your protagonist’s perspective! It’s amazing how different (or more detailed) the answers can be when they’re answered by the protagonist as opposed to the writer who created them!


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