Fall 2022 Lineup of Pre-Event Activities

White background with
splotches of red/purple/
yellow/black around the
edges. Text: Nov 2022
#PreMoodPitch Schedule of
Events. Fri Oct 28 -
Moodboard/pitch practise/
feedback. Sat Oct 29 - 2pm
ET Query Critique &
#AskAgent WEBINAR. Sun
Oct 30 - Resource Day,
Mon Oct 31 - Interview q's for
your main character.
Tues Nov 1 - 9pm
#PromptsandComps +
#PreMoodPitch Chat. Wed
Nov 2 - 8pm ET Query
Pkg Trivia Night + giveaway! Thurs

We are THRILLED to announce this season’s lineup of #PreMoodPitch activities! We’ve made some changes to it since the spring, and the most exciting activity we are offering this time is a WEBINAR!

Live Query Critique + #AskAgent Webinar

Join us for this free webinar with a chance to have your query letter critiqued LIVE by Westwood Creative Artists literary agent emmy nordstrom higdon! They will be critiquing a handful of pre-selected query letters and then doing a live #AskAgent session on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at 2pm Eastern Time.

Registration for the webinar is required, but it’s free and it’s going to be a blast! All writers who are planning to participate in a #MoodPitch event are invited to attend. The cap is at 500 attendees, and while we’re sure we won’t have an issue, we are aware that there are many writers who participated in our spring event and likely will in this fall’s event, so register soon to avoid disappointment!

The registration can be found here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/4816660415028/WN_c1V2TAfIRti6M_Gh2ndMgA

If you’d like a chance to have your query letter selected for a live critique, please submit it here after you’ve registered for the webinar and before noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

Following the query critique session, emmy will answer your burning #AskAgent questions. To ask a question, simply submit it in the Q&A box during the webinar. The questions with the most upvotes will be answered first.

White background with splotches of red/purple/yellow/black around the edges. Text: @moodpitchers presents: Query Critique + #AskAgent Webinar with WCA literary agent emmy nordstrom higdon. When:  Saturday, October 29, 2022 @2pm ET. Where: A computer screen near you (ZOOM). What: Submit your query letter for a chance to be critiqued live by emmy and have your burning trad pub and agenting questions ready in a live #AskAgent session! @moodpitchers. Circular image at bottom right: a light-skinned person with red-orange curly hair and glasses with rainbow-coloured rims, wearing a grey shirt, with a blurry background of books on shelves.
White background with splotches of red/purple/yellow/black around the edges. Text: Query Critique + #AskAgent Webinar with
WCA literary agent emmy nordstrom higdon. Three arrow bullet points: > More details and the registration link is on our website at
www.moodpitch.org. > Participants must register ahead of time. > This is a free event for writers intending to participate in November's #MoodPitch event. @moodpitchers

Other Activities

On Friday, October 28, we’ll host a moodboard and pitch practise thread. Writers can comment on the thread with their moodboards and pitches to get feedback from anyone in the writing community, and we encourage participants to scroll through and provide feedback if something really speaks to you. Please be nice! We don’t like when people give negative or rude comments; we encourage positive feedback that is helpful to the writer. We will be posting a few from last April’s #MoodPitch event that we really loved in order to showcase what we thought worked really well.

On Sunday, October 30, we’ll have a Resource Day. We’ll post links to various resources that can be helpful for querying, writing synopses, writing in general, pitching, etc. and we encourage partipants to share what has helped them in their journeys!

On Monday, October 31, we’ll have an all-day, join-in-when-you-can interview for your main character! These are just some fun questions to help you really think about your characters on a deep level. Nothing too heavy as we know many of you will be busy with Halloween festivities!

On Tuesday, November 1, we’re featuring a double-whammy chat! Kat normally co-hosts the #PromptsandComps chats which take place every third Tuesday evening, and it’s her turn to host this night. We thought about how cool it would be to combine that chat with the #PreMoodPitch chat! Our #PreMoodPitch chat is just some questions to help prepare you for the pitch event. #PromptsandComps is a bunch of fun writing questions and always ends with crowdsourcing for comps. Comps are a super important part of an effective pitch! So, if you need help finding comps, or have some but are looking for something spicer, join us at 9pm ET!

On Wednesday, November 2, our popular Query Package Trivia Night is back, and we have a giveaway! A series of questions will be asked in 5-minute intervals beginning at 9pm ET. Participants post their answers in the replies. Answers will be posted ten minutes after the question is posted. Those who answer each question by the time the the last question is answered will be entered into a draw to win a FREE query + synopsis + first five page critique from Kat (Foxx Editorial)! Winner will be announced by Friday, November 4.

And then, (drumroll please!) we have our main event! #MoodPitch will take place from 8am-8pm on Thursday, November 3. Participants post a total of three pitches per completed, query-ready manuscript (one moodboard per pitch) throughout the day (when you post is up to you; we recommend scheduling your pitches). Agents and publishers will peruse the pitches and “like” anything that they would like to be queried with.

The official event guidelines are available here. If you have any questions about any of the activities or the pitching event that can’t be answered in the Event Guidelines, Resources, or FAQ tabs at the top of the page, please reach out to us here.

We CANNOT WAIT to get these activies underway and we’re so excited that emmy is joining us for the webinar! Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

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